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About Sarah

I’m a business growth strategist and operations expert. I have 15 years experience supporting and growing six and seven figure online businesses.

I’ve been bringing my operational expertise to online businesses since 2008. The entrepreneurs I work with are full of brilliant ideas yet struggle to harness their team’s full potential to bring their ideas to life. I help business leaders build and develop high-performing teams that can turn an idea into reality with greater ease and efficiency – increasing their impact, maximizing profit, and creating time for the things that matter the most.

I believe a business will never reach its full potential without the support of a high-performing team and I am passionate about helping my clients make the biggest impact they can through their business. I ensure the right team members are in the right roles, empowering everyone, including the CEO, to do their best work.

I bring a unique skill set and a depth of knowledge. I’m a Certified Kolbe Consultant, a Certified Director of Operations, and a Certified Online Business Manager. I offer ongoing Team Development Consulting, Hiring Services, and Kolbe Consulting.

+ - Experience

I have extensive experience in all facets of online businesses including list building, launching products, programs, high end masterminds, high ticket 1:1 services, and launching and running live and on-line events. Through my experience and direct involvement in online based businesses, I’ve seen what works well and I’ve seen things that haven’t worked so well. I’ve had a back stage pass and have contributed to the success of dozens of growing businesses.

+ - Certifications

I’m a Certified Kolbe Consultant and I’ve helped to create high performing teams to support the business owner, their clients and their community at the highest level.  I’ve helped to implement efficient communication strategies, a critical element for location independent teams.  And, I’ve helped teams to ensure the right person is in the right role, essentially ensuring the team and the business owner is supported to work in his/her zone of genius.

I’ve been trained in the Profit First Methodology. Strong business operations and a great team are two essential elements to create a thriving business but the third is cash flow management. While helping you grow and scale your business, we will do this with cash flow and your bottom line in mind.

+ - Additional Skills

In addition to the learning and growth that 15 years of hands on experience provides, I’m also a Certified Online Business Manager, Certified Director of Operations, and Certified Kolbe Consultant. I’m an Expert Coach in the Certified Director of Operations program where I’m sharing my expertise and knowledge around Human Resources and Team Management and Development.  I’m continuously investing in my own development and I love to share my expertise in teaching and leadership roles in the communities I’m part of.

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I love my clients and I love what I do. But, in addition to what I have accomplished, I want to share with you what fuels me and who I am.


I grew up in a small town in Colorado, and now I live in a small town in Wyoming. I love the mountains, and I love living in a small resort community. I think that one of the best things about doing the work I do is that I can truly enjoy where I live, and create a wildly successful business here too.


I am not religious in the traditional sense. My place of worship, and where I find my spirituality, is in nature. I think there is a truly amazing energy in nature, a sense of something wonderful, extremely powerful, and larger than life. I get out and enjoy the mountains any way I can: hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, camping, or just being.


I consider myself to be very practical and down to earth. However, I believe in the power of the universe, and manifesting my destiny. I realize I have no control over the “how,” that I must listen to the messages that are sent to me, and that I must take every step in the direction of doing what I love.


I value relationships more than anything. I am who I am today because of the support from my family, friends, and community.


I am a high performer. I’m incredibly driven and I’m always too hard on myself.


I have a grounding effect on people around me. I’m always calm, even in chaos. I try not to take things too seriously. I like to have fun, even in work. I’m practical, but willing to try new things and experiment to see what happens.


I have small feet, and I like this about me. I love comfort food, and cheese! I love winter, and everything about it, except sitting in a cold car. I cry when I’m sad, when other people cry, and at some commercials. I have a sense of humor that’s probably on the drier side, and love making other people laugh.