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Working Together

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Schedule a complimentary Accelerator Call to uncover business growth strategies, tips for maximizing your team’s potential, or finding and hiring top talent.

Team Development

Harness your team's full potential

Your team represents one of the most significant investments in your business.  Protect your investment and 10X your return by tapping into your team’s full potential. I’ll help you create a high-performing team that can bring your vision to life with greater ease and efficiency.

DESIGN: Designing a team structure that is aligned with the growth trajectory of your business will help you anticipate key hires, clearly identify gaps and missing talent, and create the foundation for your business to scale.  In addition, this will create the framework for accountability, ownership, and clear communication and efficient collaboration.

DEFINE:  Well defined roles align expectations between the leader and the team member.  And, that’s only one piece of the equation. We will also make sure the right people are in the right seats and the team member has the strengths to excel in their role.  Creating role alignment at this level will not only ensure you meet your goals, it will ensure your team members love the work they do and it will free you up to be a powerful leader for your team.

DEVELOP: A growth culture retains (and attracts) top talent.  It fosters innovation and creativity and creates a team that is agile, engaged, and excited about their work. I’ll help you implement a development framework that aligns your team’s development with the strategic vision for the business.

Strategic Mapping

Your road map for business growth

I will help you create an actionable strategic plan and develop strategies to grow your business and make more money. As your strategic thought partner, I’ll help you focus on and prioritize strategies that will make the biggest impact.

STRATEGIC MAPPING: Together we will take a deep dive strategic look at your business.  We will look at what’s working, where improvements can be made, and create a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals.

PLAN AND PRIORITIZE:  I will help you prioritize and create an actionable quarterly plan to bring your strategic vision to life.

ONGOING SUPPORT AND CONSULTING:  I will be your trusted advisor, partner and guide as you and your team bring the plan to life. I will help you remove roadblocks, support your team with tips and strategies, and we will revisit your plan quarterly to build momentum and grow your business.


Find and attract top talent

Navigating the hiring process is tricky and time consuming.  And, the impacts of a bad hire are felt throughout the team and reflected in your bottom line.  If you are ready to grow your team and find top talent, I can help you navigate the hiring process.

IDEAL CANDIDATE AVITAR: We will identify your ideal candidate that not only has the skill set to do the work, but is energetically aligned with you and your business mission.  I will craft a job posting that attracts our ideal candidate.

SCREENING AND INTERVIEWING:  I’ll screen and interview candidates finding our top candidates from our pool of applicants. You will have the final interviews and make the final hiring decision with my support and guidance along the way.

STRONG START:  When you make your final hiring decision, this marks the very beginning of the most crucial part of the hiring process – getting a strong start. I will support you AND your new team member during your first 30 days together to ensure you get a strong start.

Plus, as a Certified Kolbe Consultant, I’ll use this valuable tool throughout our process to ensure our candidate is a great fit.

Kolbe Consulting

Leverage your team's strengths

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, I bring this valuable tool to all of the work I do with my clients. Kolbe is an essential tool in developing a high-performing team and hiring the right people.

IDENTIFY: Capitalize on the power of your team’s instinctive strengths.  I’ll help your team understand their unique strengths and how to leverage them. We will identify how your team’s strengths contribute to your business objectives.

OPTIMIZE:  Maximize teamwork by strategically combining talents. I will equip the team with insights and tools to improve problem solving and collaboration, and give you strategies to achieve your business objectives by leveraging teamwork.

ALIGN: Increase productivity by matching strengths to job requirements. I will help your team members navigate job stress and create strategies and solutions to help each person succeed, and I will help you design roles that align expectations and fit your team members’ talents to their job requirements.

What’s your MO?  Mine is 8832. 

Let’s talk.

Schedule a complimentary Accelerator Call to uncover business growth strategies, tips for maximizing your team’s potential, or finding and hiring top talent.